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What do we call service?  3-day turn times!!

I was talking to a potential customer and I asked him what type of turn-around times he was getting from one of the biggest labs in the Twin Cities area.  He stated "10 to 15 days.  And I had to pay a rush charge to get my gages back in 5 days."  That's NOT what we call service.  You'll never pay a rush charge for what we do everyday - 3-day turn times!!  It's your gage and you're waiting for it, so we turn it around quickly - that's service!!     John Moorhouse, President


Gaging & Calibration Services:

Northstar Calibration, Inc. is your full-service provider for gaging repair, sales, and accredited calibration.



  • On-site calibration
  • Repairs
  • New gages
  • Technical support/training




Repair & Lapping Services:  We have in-house lapping capabilities for your micrometer & caliper jaws.  While other labs are subcontracting repair services, we have a full service mechanical repair department to fulfill your needs, including years of technical experience to efficiently diagnose your equipment & save you money.


On-line Certificates:  Access your calibration certificates electronically and download them as pdf files. Just ask us for electonic certs when you place your order.


Consistency & Precision:  We are an ISO/IEC 17025 A2LA Accredited laboratory (see our Scope of Accreditation), we're highly focused on consistent and precise results.  Regardless of the industry you're in, this accreditation is your peace of mind that your measurement devices are accurate to meet your needs.                                                                                                                                            


Experience & Expertise:  We serve you through our experienced personnel, who have years of technical experience in metrology.  Our employees started hands-on in production operations like yours, so they understand your needs and will listen to your concerns.  Bottom line, we are people serving people, and you'll be treated that way.


Need Quality Consulting, Training, & Auditing?

Visit our sister company, Northstar Quality, Inc. at 

  • Quality Management System Consulting & Implementation
  • ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485, AS9100, ISO 14001, etc
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Training: ISO 9001, Auditing, Root Cause Problem Solving, FMEA, SPC, etc
  • Auditing: Internal Audits, Suppliers, Training

Employment Opportunities:


Calibration Technician - Posted 10/24/2016 


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