Calibration Services

  • We provide a wide variety of calibration services
  • For a full list of capabilities see our scope
  • From your internal masters, to your production gaging
  • On-site services for less down-time & cost savings

Physical & Dimensional Gages Calibrations

Air gages Parallel bars
Angle gage blocks Pin gages
Angle plates Pressure gages
Bore gages Pressure transducers
Calipers Protractors
Combination squares Rulers
Cylindrical plugs Pitch standards
Cylindrical rings Spheres
Dead weight testers Squares
Depth gages Snap gages
Dynamometers Spring/compression testers
Electronic amplifiers Surface/profile forms
Electronic levels Tape measures
Force gages Tapered Thread Plugs
Gage blocks Tapered Thread Rings
Height gages Thermometers
Indicators Thickness gages
Indicator calibrators Thread plugs
Inside calipers Thread rings
Length standards Thread wires
Levels Torque watches
Load cells Torque wrenches
Master Discs Torque testers
Micrometers Weights/mass

Paint/film thickness gages



Electronic Instrument Calibrations 

Ammeters Oscillators
Amplifiers Oscilloscopes
Analog meters Panel meters
Calibrators Phase angle volt meters
Clamp meters Power harmonics analyzers
Counters/timers Power supplies
Current probes Profilometers
Decade boxes Recorders/strip charts
Frequency counters Shunts
Hi-pot testers Signal generators
Impedance bridges Thermocouples
IR thermometers Thermometers
LCR meters Timers
Load banks Stop watches
Ratio transformers Voltage dividers
Meter calibrators Watt meters

Field Service/On-site Calibrations

Bench centers Supermicrometers
CMMs Surface plates
Hardness testers Tension testers
Machine tools Tool presetters
Microscopes Universal Length Measuring
Optical comparators Machines
Roundness Testers Video CMMs
Scales/balances Welders


On-site service is also available for most physical/dimensional gages identified in the above lists.